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The links to the webinar slides, recording, and white paper function as calls to action.The template also includes a personalized signature from the Director of Sales and Marketing, along with all relevant social sharing buttons.Focus on thought leadership articles and blog posts instead of promoting late-stage sales collateral like buyers guides, white papers, and recorded webinars.

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This email from Javelin showcases the value of providing the exact information your clients, customers, and prospects are looking for — without all of the fluff that can make emails lengthy, intimidating, and difficult to read.Best Practice Tip: Use colors to draw your reader’s eye and pull them further into the email, like Cloud Sherpas does with their header image.You want your email to stand out from the rest of the black and white emails landing in your readers’ inboxes.This email from Audaxium boasts a 34% open rate, and is a great example of how a clean, simple design can still portray a lot of personality.The tone is casual and humorous yet informative, and the copy does a great job of showing off Audaxium’s personality.

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    This article describes the procedures and best practices they should follow to avoid getting caught in the middle.