Hara beast dating

The tenth issue takes place the day afterward, with the Beast briefly roaring.He could not adjust with his group mates, and left the band as a result. Currently he is living single and starting to concentrate more on his work without getting involved in unnecessary relationships.When he does meet Belle, however, he comes to love her.Although he desired to break the curse, the Beast's dual nature made him truly uncertain of ever becoming human again, especially when many could not even recognize him as once being human.For this reason, the Beast has forbidden Christmas, just to keep history from repeating itself.As punishment for his cold heart and cruelty, she turns him into a terrifying beast.In the climax, he is shown wearing a mixture of the above, tattered dark purple pants, his red cape, as well as a white long-sleeved collared shirt.Repulsed by her appearance, he sneered at the simple, but beautiful gift, and turned the woman away.

Originally, the Beast is seen shirtless, with ragged, dark gray breeches, and a ragged reddish-colored cape with a golden colored circular-shaped clasp.Eventually, he angrily strikes his servant, Webster, a long-tongued dictionary for giving to synonyms to Belle's ensuing insults.These cases created a self-fulfilling cycle, where the Beast reacted with a vicious behavior because he was seen as a vicious creature.He then lies to Belle, saying that a perfect tree can be found in the woods beyond the castle.As the fight continues, Gaston brags about his superficial beliefs that he is Belle's true love, and the Beast is nothing more than a monster whom Belle will never love. The bird, terrified, ministry youth refuses until Belle teaches the Beast that the bird will only sing when he's happy.

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