H0rny senoirs

” Many parrots will naturally want to get on the rope and start climbing upward.

These have a suction cup on the back of the hoop to attach to a wall, and they come with a small cloth ball or Nerf basketball. If your bird puts the ball through the hoop, say, “Good job! If your bird just ignores the ball, try putting it through the hoop several more times. Gently hold both your bird’s feet (with your fingers holding down its toes) and say “Ready, set, go!Your bird will get lots of exercise running back and forth and so will you!Take the bird to an unfamiliar part of your house, such as the basement or a bedroom it has never been in.Note: Don’t play this game if your bird has trust issues or doesn’t appear to be comfortable.Teach your parrot to play basketball using a birdie-sized basketball hoop.

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