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But thanks to the intervention of a good cop (portrayed by Nate Parker), Noni eventually liberates herself from the gaudy restraints of fame, revealing, Mbatha-Raw says, “the human side of the fantasy girl.” to “change the conversation” about how the entertainment industry packages its female talent.

“The culture has reached a new low for women,” Mbatha-Raw says. Everything is out there to be consumed.” To research the heroine, who is manipulated by a toxic stage mom and greedy handlers, the 31-year-old nurse’s daughter studied superstars past and present: Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe, Beyoncé, Prince, Rihanna.

I have a feeling this kind of thing doesn’t happen around here that often.“I make it a point to play strong women, and women have given me the most dynamic and interesting roles of my career thus far,” says Mbatha-Raw.

“The fact that we have to consciously find opportunities for women “Change should never be just about actresses. “If it takes people that have their faces in magazines or on movie screens to raise awareness, so be it.

But hopefully this time also brings a voice to women who are a million miles away from Hollywood, and not just the privileged few.”The daughter of an English mother and a South African father (“Gugu” is short for "Gugulethu,” a version of the Xhosa word for “our pride”), Mbatha-Raw grew up in Oxford, England, and has been taking acting and dancing classes for as long as she can remember.

After training as a teen at London’s Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, she landed small parts in British television shows like .

I’m not afraid to have those tough conversations with directors about how I represent myself.

COPS have found a tracking device under the car of a Black Mirror star - just days after she claimed she was being stalked by her neighbour.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw, 35, claims the female fan launched a two-month campaign of harassment around Los Angeles - even following her to hotels and spin classes.

She believes that movies like , where the fact that her protagonist just so happens to be in an interracial relationship is never discussed, are important for normalization.

And no matter what her role is, one of her signatures is rocking her natural curls.“It’s empowering to play a woman and not have race be the focus,” she says.

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