Great expectations dating fee based

Considering the opportunity costs of the millions of dollars spent on the NBPTS and with research documenting that the quality of teaching is the most important within-school variable determining student success, the stakes involved could hardly be higher.In this article, we consider these questions in light of published material and research on the NBPTS and telephone interviews we conducted with prominent stakeholders, leaders of the NBPTS, and policy analysts and researchers holding varied views, pro and con, on the topic.

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And is it raising the standards and performance of the teaching profession and the achievement of students?Or is it, as some critics have argued, a costly and largely misguided and ineffective effort to improve teaching and student achievement?The answers to these important policy questions are strongly disputed by both supporters and critics of the NBPTS.Assessments reflect specific knowledge of content areas and are meant to validate the content of the portfolios.The fee for certification by the National Board is ,300.

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