Grand theft auto san andreas dating walkthrough who is terri seymour dating

Techniques Bailing Out: If you’re going fast and need to exit your vehicle quickly, just hit the triangle button to bail; CJ will jump out the passenger side door and take a bit of damage, but your car will keep on moving.This is most useful when your car is on fire and you don’t think you’ll have time to stop before it blows.Try it on cars that are stopped at stoplights if you want to have some fun.Luckily, your enemies will never hit your gas tank if they fire at you, random mission-failing explosions not being conducive to fun gaming.Of course, different vehicles will handle in different ways, so try as many of them as possible and build an internal reference so that you’ll know which ones to avoid when you have to get away from the cops.

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Nothing’s quite as reliable as your feet when you need to escape from a sticky situation.Although GTA characters have always ran like big spazzes, CJ has a few improvements over his predecessors.For one, you can now increase his stamina by leaps and bounds at the gym, allowing him to run much longer than could Nameless Guy or Tommy Vercetti.Instead of focus on a mere state, Rockstar has enlarged their focus, this time choosing to model an entire state, with three separate cities and a huge amount of countryside to explore.Everything is bigger and better in San Andreas, so get exploring!

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