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While not as dangerous as Hempstead, it’s still a pretty ghetto place when you look at the data.

While certain parts of the area aren’t ‘ghetto’ by definition, the north side of Uniondale more than makes up for it.

We threw a lot of criteria at this one in order to get the best, most complete results possible.

Using Yelp and Area Vibes, this is the criteria we used: Note: For the sake of getting reliable numbers, we counted places within a city’s border, as well as within a short driving distance.

A recent raid by state and federal authorities brought down 14 criminals in Monticello, one of NYC suburbs with ties to major gangs.

And an NPR story that was written not too long ago talked about how gangs are taking over these once decent middle class suburbs of NYC.

In Monticello, the average household earns less than that.

And speaking of the NPR story, a majority of the focus was on Middletown.And when you look at the education numbers and number of inner city shopping outlets in the area, Hempstead is by definition, a ghetto.Located on Long Island, this city has seen its fair share of negative coverage from news outlets across the country. According to the Urban Dictionary, a ghetto is defined as: “urban; of or relating to (inner) city life” and “poor; of or relating to the poor life.” Using that criteria, it’s not hard to scrape the internet, run some scientific data on where ghettos might exist in a state and then put out a list.Additionally, the staples of inner city life include cheap and discounted retail outlets.

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