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Moderator Next, we’ll go to the line of April Mac Intyre with , please go ahead. Mac Intyre Okay, I’m going to compose myself from that last question. So I’m loving the series and the more I watch your series, Jeffrey, it reminds me of this old series from the 60s called . There’s a very, the combination of real drama and camp and humor and lightness. Mac Intyre And of course, Jeffrey, you’re Patrick Macnee for me, I feel the more I watch it, the more I’m reminded of that series as far as the pacing, the energy, the breaks of comedy into the drama. He’s a terrific character and Tim’s such a wonderful man and an extraordinary actor. and that gives my character great ammunition to kind of fight with. I mean, her performance is so beautifully nuanced and I find it terribly inspiring. Moderator We’ll open up the line of Alix Denver with . Anwar I didn’t realize it had to be somebody who could actually appear on the show, but I would say Steve Mc Queen.

Maybe management checks in saying, “Michael, do you want to come back,” or are we going to see that at all, maybe in season four? Donovan Yes, season four is actually pretty remarkable. There’s going to be a new management that controls Michael’s life, and you’ll see Michael have to go on even more dangerous missions under this new management with the new operative. What would each of your tags be under your names, not for Michael and Fiona, but for Jeffrey and Gabrielle?

It’s become sort of a date night theme, which is really fabulous. A lot of husband/wives and boyfriend/girlfriends come up to me, the husband will say, “Oh my gosh, my wife loves the show.

Fulghum Memorable experience with meeting the fans of the show? Anwar I think actually to be honest, it’s the fact that so many couples are enjoying it together.

What do you like about this particular medium and why do you keep coming back to television? I think why people are drawn more now to cable shows than ever is that they take more risks, they’re creatively pushing the envelope. I have my own personal threshold and it was at the end of season one.

I think that the networks have to answer to a bigger advertising calling, whereas the smaller cables have lower ceilings that they can bump their heads on.

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