Frum dating site

Increasingly, in virtually all shades of orthodoxy, both men and women are segregated from one another even when it is unwarranted.

This separation has led to a fear of socializing, a form of stage fright or anticipatory anxiety that causes young daters to not know how to act in a socially acceptable fashion with one another.

There actually is somewhat of a scientific formula for the magic that causes the spark of romance.

It is not a hard and fast rule like those often found in physics, but it does involve biology, chemistry and psychology.

For some it begins a bit before, and for others a bit later.

This process causes, among other changes, the desire to affiliate with a member of the opposite sex and develop an intimate relationship.

When these changes take place the couple begins to develop a sense of fun and passion about the relationship.

This excitement does not always happen immediately and can take several dates.

There is, in fact, a growing body of evidence in the professional literature that this has become an expanding problem in Orthodox marriages even to the point of difficulty in developing a sense of closeness and familiarity within a marriage.Salamon says a lack of dating in the Orthodox community is the cause of marriage problems. – The Jewish Star Much has been written about marriage and relationships."Some have suggested that, in the Orthodox world, we simply do not believe in romance." Full Story By Michael J. Some have suggested that, in the Orthodox world, we simply do not believe in romance, as real love supposedly happens only after marriage.Several important psychological triggers have to occur.These include developing a degree of comfort in communicating with the other person, being physically attracted and sensing a degree of personality similarity.

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