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All the varied varieties of soil known to our New-England region, from the rocky, barren hillside to the rich alluvial land, are found here. Although they were in humble circumstances, one of the sons entered the ministry, after passing through the collegiate course at Harvard. Deacon Peabody died in January, 1826, and his son, Oliver Tyler Peabody, was appointed in his stead in June, 1827.

The surface consists of hills and valleys, with the excep- tion of two or three quite extensive plains. in Georgetown (then Rowley), 6 June, 1678, and was son of Samuel and Sarah (Birkbee) Spofford. Deacon Dorman died in 1792, and Moses Pea- body was chosen in his stead in September of that year.

Its shape, as viewed from the north-east, appears like a side-view of a shoe, with the toe pointing to the north-west. Through the last-mentioned Amos, and his son Thomas, Samuel was the great-grandfather of the late Richard and Capt. The deacons chosen in April, 1759, were Aaron Kimball and Joseph Hale.

Boxford occupies an area of 11,459 acres, or nearly eighteen square miles. 1719; Sarah, 1721 ; Samuel, 1722; Thomas, 1726; Amos, 1729. — 'yajfies, by wife Elizabeth, had a son, Moses, b. Thomas Redington was then chosen in December, 1734, who continued in office till a new set of deacons were chosen in 1759, as above stated, on account of the mixed matters of the church during the long interval that it had been without a settled pastor. Barnes, 49, 157, 199, 275, 335, 341, 371, 372, 385-3S8.

There are several quite extensive sheets of water, whose number has been increased by the artificial forming of mill-ponds by flowing some of the lowlands, and the power thus gained utilized for manufacturing purposes. Ebenezer also resided here, yohn married Abi- gail Symonds, 1725, and probably erected the " old Killam house ; " had ch. Deacon Foster served till his death in 1759, when Lieut. March 20, 1806, a new pair of deacons were chosen, namely, Bradstreet Tyler and Charles Foster.

Of this last class Lowe's and Hayward's mill-ponds are ex- amples. Deacon Tyler dechned serving longer, April 13, 18 14, and thanks were voted to him for his "acceptable services." John Day was appointed Deacon Tyler's successor on the same day. 12, 1873, when he was succeeded by Dane Foster, who is now in office.

The southerly part of the town bounds, for a considerable distance, upon a smaller 9 l O HISTORY OF BOXFORD. The cities of Boston, Salem, Lynn, Gloucester, Lowell, Lawrence, Haverhill, and Newburyport, in Massachusetts, and Nashua, Exeter, and other important places, in New Hampshire, lie less than twenty-five miles away. Timothy Foster was deacon in 1718, and continued in ofifice until a new set of deacons were chosen in 1759, on the settlement of Rev. Nathan Peabody was chosen in November of that year to take his place. Batchelder, 24, 38, 94, 100, 148, 149, 168, 257, 283, 313, 314, 318, 320-323, 328, 335, 340, 342, 371, 389, 394, 396. The second in size is the " Old Camp Ground." This con- tains about three hundred acres, and is noted as the camp- HISTORY OF BOXFORD. 1 795) by Jonathan Wood, who died two years later; and he was followed in May, 1798, by Parker Spofford, who married the widow of his predecessor in office. Pastors \it.iox& 1725, Wil- liam Knight, William Perkins, 47 ; Thomas Gilbert, 48, 62 ; Jeremiah Hobart, 63, 80 ; Jo- seph Capen, 81. Town officers, earliest, 68 ; earh', 87,116; clerks, 371; selectmen, 373- '■'■Villagers''''' ministerial matteis at Topsfield, 48, 61, 63, lo S; at Andover and Bradford, 108. This was known as " The Plain " from the earliest settlement of the town. He was followed in October, 405 406 HISTORY OF BOXFORD. The marshes which lie along the coast are in such close proxim- ity, that most of the farmers in the town avail themselves of gathering, for fodder for cattle and other purposes, the salt hay which they produce. The same is also true of Salem Harbor in a southerly direction.

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