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In response to her tweet, he wrote: “Hey @Laura MRutledge really sorry I knocked you down, but…I can pick you up at 7.” However the television star is having none of it, replying simply with a laughing emoji.The hit came on Saturday, when Georgia Bulldogs (UGA) player Prather Hudson knocked over sports journalist Laura Rutledge while she was on the sidelines for the game against the University of Massachusetts, Took an L in Athens today.So many thanks to everyone at @UGAAthletics for their help after this happened..though I’m a Gator ?Rutledge is actually already spoken for and happily married to another sports man.She is in a long-term relationship with Major League Baseball star Josh Rutledge.While we have always felt that sideline reporters are relatively useless, we have to congratulate the new couple.

Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder is having a pretty good year. H — Laura Rutledge (@Laura MRutledge) November 18, 2018 She was a good sport about the whole thing, later tweeting a clip of the hit and commenting, "Took an L in Athens today.

So many thanks to everyone at [the University of Georgia] for their help after this happened..though I’m a Gator." Rutledge, who is married to former Boston Red Sox Infielder Josh Rutledge, was very polite in letting Hudson down easy, simply tweeting back to him a laughing-crying emoji.

The pair have been together for years and tied the knot on December 7, 2013.

At least Hudson had the comfort of victory to help spare his embarrassment.

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