Edmx file not updating

I have an edmx file and I changed a table in my database.

I know that there is an "Update Model from database" wizard, however in many cases this is useless.

While we'd like to spend the time to uniquely address every incoming issue, we get a lot traffic on the EF projects and that is not practical.

we use canned responses for common triage decisions.

For details about what changes are made to the file, see Changes Made to an File by the Update Model Wizard.

BTW this is a canned response and may have info or details that do not directly apply to this particular issue.Installing the EF6 Nu Get package should automatically remove any references to System. The namespaces for Db Context and Code First types have not changed. This means for many applications that use EF 4.1 or later you will not need to change anything. This means you may need to update your directives to build against EF6. Is this the definitive answer or is there a better way to do this? NET Entity Data Model Designer (Entity Designer) uses the Update Model Wizard to update an file from changes made to the database.The Update Model Wizard overwrites the storage model as part of this process.

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