Did anna popplewell dating william moseley

Georgie Henley stated that William Moseley is like the older brother she has never had.

She had a small crush on the other brother, Skandar Keynes, but that was when she was 10 years old.

"She'll be world leader soon."In addition to being a talented young actress - her previous films include Girl with a Pearl Earring and Mansfield Park - Anna is the granddaughter of the former High Court judge Sir Oliver Popplewell.

They broke up and now he is dating Alexa Hamilton (from 2008-now) who is a 42 year old whereas William Moseley is only 21. But, after viewing discussion, i was a bit harsh, i…

"Your man" is gonna get his butt whipped if he don't get his arm off of his chest and out in the air blocking like he's supposed to. So they probably wouldn't date b/c they feel like brother and sister. Princes Bloom you watch Winx Club *looks aghast* yeah i do... So I think we can assume that he DEFINITELY has someone.

I've done stick fighting before and that'll get your head cracked open. i basicly watch everything from 4(used to be the "Fox Box") but i HATE bratz, magical Do Re Mi, and Mewmew Power. And if he can't say even that he had a crush on the producer's niece (whoever she is), I think it is her, and she doesn't want to be known at all.

The truth was far more prosaic: she's scared of mice."I'm absolutely terrified of rodents," she says. I don't think he understood just how much of a phobia it was.

He called me over one day and had a mouse in his hand and I just burst into tears."She can be forgiven her timidity - Anna is, after all, only 16.

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