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HBO has officially announced that Westworld season three was going to be going ahead.

“It’s been an extraordinary pleasure to work with the exceptionally talented Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, as well as their gifted cast and crew," HBO's The Westworld statement went onto read: “From the inspired storytelling to the incredible visuals, we are so excited to see where the next chapter will take us.”A confirmation of season three was also posted on the show’s Twitter account with a GIF of the logo and the words: “INITIATE: Season 3.

Season one was released in October 2016 while the follow up hit screens in April this year, which means it’s hard to predict when the third outing will be premiering.

However, it could be hitting screens in April 2020 and be plugging the gap left by Game of Thrones when it concludes next year.

Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul has been confirmed to be joining season three.

Given that hosts can be brought back to life as well as flashbacks, the key cast members are probably going to be returning for season three.

She will be joined by Jeffrey Wright who has the dual role of Westworld’s co-creator Arnold Weber and host Bernard Lowe.

Channel 4 snagged the rights to broadcast it here in the UK, while it belongs to Hulu stateside.

The latest episode mentioned a group called The Argos Initiative, who were the ones who produced the hosts in the first place and sought Delos for investment to fund Westworld.

But the group - which brings to mind the Dharma Initiative from Lost - seemed to have a sinister and shady purpose at its core.

Yet if Yossarian makes any attempt to avoid his military assignments, he’ll be in violation of Catch-22, a hilariously sinister bureaucratic rule which specifies that a concern for one’s own safety in the face of dangers which are real and immediate is the process of a rational mind; a man is considered insane if he willingly continues to fly dangerous combat missions, but a request to be removed from duty is evidence of sanity and therefore makes him ineligible to be relieved from duty. Army Air Forse B-25 bombardier, and his fellow airmen as they struggle to maintain their sanity amidst the extreme wartime circumstances. George Clooney was previously set for the role, but has scaled back his onscreen presence here, likely to accommodate his directorial duties, ceding the Cathcart role to Chandler.

The story follows the exploits of Captain John Yossarian, played here by Christopher Abbott (). Clooney will instead play the supporting role of Scheisskopf.

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