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The nice things you two do for each other should be a give and take, not a constant fawning on her part.

She’s using these continuous unrequested favors to set up an obligation for you to love her.

It’s no wonder some folk have decided to make social media their new dating pool.

It can simplify the act of rolling up on a potential love interest with minimum awkwardness.

She will not only want constant affirmation from you, but also from her friends, her boss and even her pets. She’ll be disproportionately upset when she doesn’t get a stream of affection from whomever she’s around.

The desperate woman can be hard to spot because she’s good at making herself attractive.

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She’ll become best friends with your friends and try to turn them into her advocates.

Remember that a desperate woman has a goal of husband and family, which she feels she needs for fulfillment.

If she can trap you into a marriage with an unexpected pregnancy, she’ll be happy to do it.

She needs you to bolster her self esteem, and she’s terrified you might leave.

This type of woman is completely dependent on you for her emotional well-being.

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