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This is where accommodating resistance can play a large role.

Accommodating resistance can actually increase the amount of time the bar acceleration occurs for.

Depending on the percentage of 1 rep max, the bar may decelerate for different periods of time.

For example, a heavier weight will have a longer acceleration phase than a lighter load.

He must be concerned for others and must be accommodating.It also means that a greater acceleration phase will allow for greater average velocities to be achieved and therefore greater average power outputs for a given percentage of 1rm Accommodating resistance is a good way to teach an athlete what it feels like to aggressively accelerate a bar.Often young, relatively low trained athletes do not know what it means to exert a force into the bar.2) Is an accommodating overload at the top even applicable/useful to add for During a normal barbell movement (non-ballistic), the athlete accelerates the bar from the bottom position to the top.At the top position, the bar is no longer moving, which means the athlete had to decelerate the bar at some point.

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