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The rumor was made due to his hate toward YG Entertainment.

Rose joined YG in May 2012 during an audition in Australia.

I just want to say, Niel, I am completely in trust with you, so no matter what you says, I'll believe that that's the truth, so I won't say something like ...

I remember last night I kept refreshing Mnet's official channel to check if they'd uploaded the videos and waited until it's very late just to see his perfect stage. #teentopisland #changjo #hitthestage #teentop #teentop #cap #chunji #ljoe #niel #ricky #changjo #follow #kpop #korea #idol #ulzzang ..." src="" captionid='1276346378284616096' captionhash='b25102f43ca61bdbb9c56c8a7877eb95' search='' Link: JK4oo #teentop #changjo #pray #composer #korea #idol #drumremix ..." src="" captionid='1276341107537660105' captionhash='220e5cc128edae8079a2648240ca8116' search='' From trying to avoid to talk about the rumours, until both agency and Niel himself released statements, I've been quiet and not taking sides.

You guys have been an idol for six years, I know you understand that what you should do and waht you shouldn't do as being an idol.

But I also know that, under that idol mask of yours, you're just a normal soul.

I totally support and encourage all of you to find your own happiness, don't let the label ' IDOL' limit the way to live your own lives.

I will always love Teen Top no matter what, I will never give up on you.

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