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In filing for the restraining order, he says that the woman is a “complete stranger” and has reportedly supplied a “supporting declaration” from his security guard alongside documents that outline the woman’s “extensive criminal past.” While Coldplay aren’t touring at the moment, the band returned last year under the name “They’ve been such a successful band that the narrative that gets portrayed of them in the press is ‘Oh, they must be very middle of the road.

Whether you love the band or not, each album is an experimentation and markedly different from the last one. They haven’t written a ‘Kid A’ yet where their entire fanbase goes ‘What the fuck is this?

She wrote into the show because she wants to meet her online lover, Remy, who lives near her and creepily watched her standing outside her car one time.

Remy exhibits typical Angel lives in a town near Dallas, Texas, and has a six-month-old son.

Hilton, who wore a black cut-out knee-length dress, also posted two other photos of herself with the rapper on her Instagram Story. News that the two connected at the event and "really hit it off." After the dinner, they met for drinks at Delilah and had a great time, the source added."They definitely have a lot of chemistry and have been talking all week about seeing each other again," the insider said, adding that Paris is "open to dating" the rapper.

Neither Hilton nor MGK, who posted no photos from the event, has commented on the status of their relationship. News at the time that she was doing "amazing" after the split and was "busy being a boss-babe" and "running an empire." Hilton said she is "not even thinking" about dating."I am literally so busy," she said.

Schulman and King flew to Texas to help Angel locate her mystery man.

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Three months later, Angel admitted she no longer speaks to Mari because she has a pattern of doing the same things to her behind her back.

Angel remembered the forehead from the video chat and the picture he sends her did not match up.

Also, Remy told her he lives with his ex-girlfriend because she still pays the rent, and that’s why he can’t meet up with her.

She found Remy on Plenty of Fish three months before writing Schulman, and they communicated every single day.

Angel recalled not many people talking to her around the time she gave birth to her son except for her best friend Mari, so she was happy to meet someone to talk to regularly.

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