Dating vintage dimarzio pickups

The Super Distortion® (and its original 3-conductor version, the Dual Sound®) was the first pickup specifically designed to kick a… Neck Pickup CONFIGURATION: HH …boundaries with his music and art.

…Dome Style SWITCH TIP: Black ELECTRONICS BRIDGE PICKUP: Direct Mount Di Marzio® CB 6 NECK PICKUP: Direct Mount Di Marzio® CB 6 CONTROLS: Volume, Tone PICKUP SWITCHING: 3-Position Toggle: Position 1. In that spirit of inventiveness, Steve worked with Di Marzio to design two Special Edition pickup covers for the Gravity Storm™ pickups.

Hi guys, I have a Music Man Silhouette 1999 and it is an amazing guitar. The neck pick-up seems pretty original but I can't the type from the outside.

However, the previous owner changed the original bridge pick-up for a Seymour Duncan JB, why I am not sure but probably to get a higher output. I think different Di Marzio pick-ups where used over the years. - Are these original bridge pick-ups still available in US or preferably in Europe?

Somebody told me I have to do a fixation on the bridge before you remove all the strings at once?

I try to find something on this topic on the forum.

Di Marzio still seems to sell the PAF Pro (no 151), but maybe it is another horse then the ones in 1999?

It's the same as far as I know, just that music Man don't sell them. I've heard their customer service people are very cool and helpful.

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But changing everything back to original or similar, is going to be a bit of an investment.

The Velorum™ Neck & Bridge pickup covers depict Steve’s custom Vai logo etched into a polished gold cover…

DIMARZIO DP250 AREA P - BLACK - BASS PICKUP The DP250 Area P 4-string Pickup from Di Marzio has everything you're looking for in a great vintage sound. It has reduced pull thanks to its' Alnico II Magnets, which you can wire in either series or parallel… It can also combine well with the Fast Track 1™, The Chopper™, and Pro Track™. A pickup was needed that combined a lot of presence and “cut” with an open-sounding PAF® vibe.

Should have brought it to a guitar repair center in the first place, I guess. So far the results are: - SH1N Seymour Duncan 59 neck - Kinman AVn-59 single coin (made in Australia) - SH4 0105 IEJ-19 Seymour Duncan bridge I've attached the pictures.

Used a magnifying glass with some light and found a label with SH1N 0054 IEM39 on the neck pick-up. And a spring fell out, no idea what the function is, I think I overestimated my talents :-) How do I get the spring of the pick-up into place? Thanks Dead-Eye, you are absolutely right, It's a Seymour Duncan '59. I'll have a check on the Bluesbucker on youtube for the sound and you are right nothing wrong with Duncans, they sound great, I have them 335 thin line guitar as well. I've managed to find out were the springs go, frankly removing the pick guard made sense too :-).

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