Dating translation italian

Italian beauties have hot temper, which is why you don’t want to make them angry.

Italian is spoken by 60-65 million people world-wide, most of which live in Italy.Make sure you compliment her on her beauty, style and anything else that is appropriate.Italian Women In One Sentence – beautiful Italian women inspired men to create some of the most famous and most beautiful pieces of art that will radiate their beauty through the millenniums.Interestingly enough, the great majority of the Italian women named the men in uniform: Policemen (34%) Carabineers (Italian special police) – 26% Aircraft pilots (18%) Lifeguards (11%) Barmen (8%) The reasons for choosing police officers (60% of women involved in poll named policemen) were: policemen’s good physical shape, security that they can provide, and color of their uniform (blue, dark blue and gray).The conclusion is evident: Italian women love men in uniform and men that are in good shape.

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