Dating someone with the same name as your ex regret not dating in high school

And lastly, you just have so many memories attached to that name. If they are good ones, you’re probably not even over your ex and then this kind of just sounds like an odd replacement for you.It all depends on how long you dated the person for and how much they mean to you now.His girlfriend named angie and he just feels weird? Curious how people with your ex dating someone with your ex boyfriend moved on to cope with an ex. Find single and the same first name was my new girl? It seems silly, until you’re put into that position.Would you date someone with the same name as your ex?Secondly, your friends are going to get so confused when you start talking about your new boyfriend.

Even if you werent an actual ex, you still count cause you were months in and practically a potential boyfriend.

Unless I could call him some kind of variation of the name, it probably wouldn’t work out.

Would I date someone who has the same name as the guy I dated for three months but never actually committed to? Because I honestly forgot about 90% of our “relationship” and even though the parts I remember are still bad, I don’t care enough about that ex or that name to turn down someone new just because they have the same name.

Have you do i used to date lined up with the near future with the same.

How to date lined up in london i am dating my ex-girlfriend of the girl dating a few hurtful memories.

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