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Newborn screening also detects babies who have the trait (also known as a carrier) for sickle cell disease.

To all pregnant women early in pregnancy (ideally by ten weeks) .

These painful episodes are referred to as Sickle Cell crisis.

They are treated with strong painkillers such as morphine to control the pain.

It is less common in white European’s, although with the ever growing diversity of the population this will change.

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The trait is not an illness, but if you are planning to have children, then certain factors have to be considered.Some sickle shaped cells may be present under certain conditions.Sickle cell trait is found in 1 in 4 West Africans and 1 in 10 Afro-Caribbeans, and is also found in people who originate from the Mediterranean, Asia and the Middle East.Death can also result from complications of the disorder.Treatment of sickle cell mostly focuses on preventing and treating complications.

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