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I mean the guy is huge, and he caught me dropping her at her place, and he nearly strangled me before I could get in my car. You might have warned me about his vicious beast dog. Well, once I peeled out of the drive way, the maniac started chasing me in his monster truck and nearly ran me off the road. I thought you said Cindy was single and available!! You should have told me that your sis had just broken up with a seven-foot gorilla named Butch. PLUS of course, search engine optimization, so that you get more visitors, which in turn enhance profits.NOTE: Online Dating script offers you UNBELIEVABLE customizability with ability to change Colors, Fonts, Icons, Graphics of your site directly from the power packed admin panel.Description Returns a string with the date and time formatted according to the format given. September) %c - Date and time representation appropriate for locale (eg. AM/PM) %S - Second as decimal number (00 - 59) %U - Week of year as decimal number, with Sunday as first day of week 1 (00 - 53) %w - Weekday as decimal number (0 - 6; Sunday is 0) %W - Week of year as decimal number, with Monday as first day of week 1 (00 - 53) %x - Date representation for current locale (Standard date string) %X - Time representation for current locale (Standard time string) %y - Year without century, as decimal number (00 - 99) (eg. 2007) %Z - Time-zone name or abbreviation; no characters if time zone is unknown %% - Percent sign See Also ...

This plugin extend the items fields in order to store dating attributes such as gender you’re looking for and type of relationship.

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Online dating software includes gift shop shopping cart system to buy gifts.

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