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Use some of these ideas, and you will get some good brownie points.Just take a chance, be cheesy and it’ll best the most fun you’ve had on a date on a dime.Along the way, I became a licensed cosmetologist and make-up artist working in film and television.In addition to special effect make-up for film, I’ve worked for USA Network, ABC, CBS and NBS news (I designed make-up for the anchors) and as a special event artist for many cosmetic lines including Lancôme, Clinique, Estee Lauder and Revlon.Your support means the world to me and you are the ones who inspire me to be a better writer, a better person and to continue to scour the world for frugal and fabulous ideas to share with YOU. Bob and I spent six years as headline vocal entertainers, living on board cruise ships, mainly Crystal Cruises and Holland America Line.

Over that time, I have lost three wonderful roommates to their boyfriends, and recently inherited two new roommates who bring loads of eclectic spice to our cozy 3br apartment.

Originally a Florida girl, I traded in my tan for a city subway card three years ago.

New York seemed the place to be at the time, and so that’s where I headed straight out of college.

After the movie, take some back roads to where the city lights can’t be seen and go stargazing. All this stuff is super cheesy but trust me: chicks dig cheesy.

They might say they don’t or they might not say anything at all but they do.

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