Dating nigerian and proud updating counter tops

While many Yoruba brides wear their Yoruba traditions are largely based on mutual respect.

According to a report on, a 21 year old Nigerian man recently married a 52-year old woman in Lagos.

The bride-price these days might be only a token settlement, which – while technically adhering to the venerable custom of paying dowry – avoids putting undue pressure on the young man.

Other traditions are accomplished with tongue in cheek, such as the Yoruba groom having to carry his bride in order to prove he can support her physically as well as well as romantically.

As happens in any forward-looking society, cultural norms in Nigeria have changed over the years. Some are incorporated into modern life, others are abandoned.

For example, the protocols surrounding the formal introduction of the prospective groom to the bride's parents have given away to a more relaxed approach.

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