Dating men with no friends

Apart from being positive about things that he likes, he pretty much sees the BAD in everyone else.Not surprisingly, he’s usually pretty depressed about life, has no good friends and spends a lot of time posting negative things on Facebook.You’ve got to know that you are more than good enough and then simply be your normal, cool, charismatic self and let the friendship happen naturally as a result. Well, I’ve learned a lot about life, love and friendships over the years, but one of the greatest things that I’ve discovered is the importance of seeing the good in people.

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I hated the way that women rejected me, overlooked me and ignored me if I tried to get to know them. I decided to try and look for the good in women, rather than assuming that they were bad people and were ready to reject me.

When I had that realization, it let me see PAST the surface level behavior of people so I could understand and love a person for who they are.

In fact, it even allowed me to let my “negative friend” back into my life (in small doses!

He’s the sort of guy who always says, “I told you so” or claims to be right, even though he is wrong.

In the 15 years I’ve known him, he has never once admitted to making a mistake in his thinking or opinions.

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