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I can buy dinner in a non expensive restaurant, but that's it. Suze Orman says you sum what you both make and then pay the bills you both share in respective percentages.If you make 60% of the money and he makes 40% of the money, you pay 60% of the mortgage and he pays 40%.The problem I experienced is that people who made less than I did were correspondingly less responsible people.It was the difference in sensibilities that affected the relationship, not the number of dollars.Income is defined as household disposable income in a particular year.It consists of earnings, self-employment and capital income and public cash transfers; income taxes and social security contributions paid by households are deducted.the 10% of people with highest income) to that of the first decile; P90/P50 of the upper bound value of the ninth decile to the median income; and P50/P10 of median income to the upper bound value of the first decile.

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S80/S20 is the ratio of the average income of the 20% richest to the 20% poorest; P90/P10 is the ratio of the upper bound value of the ninth decile (i.e.I love him but sometimes he can be a little bold & needs to be put back in his place.Funny thing I notice with all the trips we have made he never ever wants to go back home to visit, nor have them visit us.Money probably destroys relationships more than any issue outside cheating. If one is "keeping " the other it rarely works long term. That said I firmly believe that in the case of two adult men each must be financially independent.

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