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" Kira rolled her eyes as she walked beside the White Ranger."Hopefully, they'll take him into space, and sell him for scrap metal," she muttered irritably.

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" Connor grinned to the 16 year older, who let out another yawn."We can't all nap through math class," Ari retorted, wiping the smirk from Connor's face as Trent and Kira laughed."Alright. This is not ancient galactic history," Ethan relented."Finally," Kira rolled her eyes."But it could be..future!

Ari giggled as Trent grinned at the annoyed singer."The point is, it's all good," Ethan grinned at her.

"Zeltrax is gone, and so are they," he said, before Ari stopped them, giving a nervous laugh."Yeah, but we've got new guests," she pointed over to a strange ship that was resting nearby.

A massive ship flew overhead, and stunned, the Rangers watched as it shot into the distance, disappearing."Looks like naptime's over," Ari yawned.

Newtech City, the year 2028"A wormhole is a tube of space time connecting distant regions of the universe that could provide the possibility of time travel," Kat explained to Jack, Annie, Z, who wore a yellow and grey uniform, and Bridge, whose uniform had a green outline."Einstein's theory of relativity," Bridge nodded."Correct," Kat smiled at the Green Ranger.

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