Dating advice no spark

If after two or more dates you still don’t feel a spark, move on, Mc Nulty says.

Hi everyone, hope you're all doing well in your relationships. I mean, if you're in a relationship with someone that's purely based on friendship and there aren't any romantic or physical attractions, therefore, there isn't any spark in terms of intimacy, would you end the relationship to then move on and find another that is romantic? Unlike in this situation described, the physical attraction existed and more but I wasn't friends with the person I loved and no matter how hard we tried to make things work it made no difference and we had to end that relationship.

This dip in desire is common as your relationship progresses, and it’s not necessarily a sign that something is wrong.

In fact, it’s considered normal for passion to shift as time passes, the relationship becomes more stable, and you grow more attached.

And remember, it’s OK to say no—courtesy dates just lead that person on, which is even worse than rejection.Once you end the relationship either that friendship will end or it will never be the same. Some can live a life together without any romantic spark. So it'd be more likely that romantic spark is a must for all of us. Spark for me is whenever you see your partner, you will feel unexplainable excitement and happiness.Just let the relationship evolve naturally and you'll find out soon enough if you (and your partner) are compatible. As long as they're on good terms and living peacefully. There is no perfect relationship but because of this so called "spark", couple's love always reign. Romantic relationship for me is a combination of spark and friendship.If either of the two is absent, it will be the start of chaotic relationship.Spark for me is whenever you see your partner, you will feel unexplainable excitement and happiness.

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