Dating a capricorn aquarius cusp sexsexdating ru

These people have different qualities than typical Capricorns or Aquarius, and we’ll tell you all of the things that set them apart.

There are a lot of attributes unique to the Aquarius Capricorn cusp that you will find out about right here.

This vague sense of ennui might affect their personal relationships in a negative way.

After all, it's not easy being with someone who feels that the life they're living doesn't live up to the fantasy they've created in their minds.

One of the fascinating qualities that Capricorn Aquarius cusp has is the ability to differentiate between their public and private life.

Often people confuse these, blurring the lines between the both hence creating problems for themselves.

But they keep their thoughts and fantasies to themselves.

This is why they find flaws around them because they are disappointed with how the real world is.

It can be said that they are not very pragmatic because they measure the reality against the imagination in their mind, two things that can never be compared or put on the same pedestal.

NO MATTER WHAT personality traits those born on the Capricorn-Aquarius cusp show to the public, their private life is the one that matters most.

Inner fantasies, waking dreams — these are the realms that excite these creative souls.

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