Dating a cancerian

I decide to cut off all contact with him and focus on the other things going on in my life.

The two weeks after him dumping me were the hardest and I cried at times and felt kind of depressed. '' I told him ''Hate is a strong word so no I do not hate you.'' at which point he proceeded to explain he likes to take things slow, didn't mean to hurt me but was also hurt that I didn't reach out and contact him after everything because he didn't mean for us to stop talking. That was my thought, I explained that I was just ready to move on with my life.

A week went by and on Friday I was going out of town with a few friends so on that morning I get a text from him saying ''Hi how is it going?

'' this is normally his way of setting up plans to hang out.

I am a Sagittarius lady who started seeing a cancer man around 3 months ago he is 25 and I am 26 and everything was great..first.

After this he got annoyed and started to ask me why all of a sudden and why I was going out of town.

When I asked him on that following week after getting back if he wanted to come over Friday and sample the wines, his reply text went something like this ''There's something I have to tell you first.'' I asked him to tell me, at which he continued: '' I don't think its fair for us to keep doing what we're doing without dating.

I told you I am not ready to be in a relationship with anybody for like a really long time so yeah'' After hearing this I was crushed I doubted myself here was a man who had endeared himself to me by pet names, calling me when he was out of the country and having hour-long conversations on the phone, he made me laugh, made me feel all warm and secure only to drop me like I was yesterdays trash!

I wasn't used to this as the previous Leo man I dated was very consistent ( we didn't text a ton, but he was consistent in his pattern).

So I decided not to text him as well because as a Sagittarius, I normally do not chase people and wasn't about to start.

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