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was its first registrar, now it is moved to Mark Monitor Inc..

one thing about living in the bay are is the diversity of activities that are available.

but people who don't/can't follow directions - still have problems getting places even if they have a GPS guided map and a voice telling them to turn. i came to sonoma for wine tasting, if that's not what you wanted to do then why are we here?

about the 15 time the system had to re-calculate i thought i heard some aggravation - but maybe i am just projecting.

The shakes have subsided, and I can actually sleep throughout the night.

Today makes day 27 of no vodka, no wine, beer, or other adult beverages.

So that was kinda strike #1 in that it turned me off.

Is it clear yet that the graduate most likely wants one thing...? Money helps the new graduate get their feet under them after finishing that chapter... We do it, we love it, and we certainly can't get enough of it! We do it, we love it, and we certainly can't get enough of it!

i figured there would be lots of people out and about because of the holiday weekend especially given the fantastic weather.

unfortunately, my date was not really into the whole scene -too much snobbery. but i did come up with some ideas and thought to help daters interact in this dating world:1.

While money doesn't buy happiness, it can help buy things that make us happy!

One of the best money gift ideas for birthdays is a money tree, which just like it sounds, is a tree made... If you're looking for a graduation gift idea that REALLY honors the graduate, look no further than here!

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