Daddy dom dating site

As a Dom I want to be in charge, mold my sub as I see fit and assume the responsibility of taking care of her. Not only that but I will also be at your side while you follow such path, looking after you at the same time as pushing you to go further.I want to take control of you, be aware of each one of your steps and teach you how to serve and satisfy my needs.On the other hand, my sadistic side enjoys with humiliation and degradation. I may verbally degrade you to the point you feel worthless or dehumanize you, perhaps treating you as a piece of furniture.I will take control of some aspects of your life, give you rules to follow and the discipline required to keep you on track.Always wanted to use a remote controlled vibrator long distance on someone so we could talk about that.

I wave a kind side that wants to take care of you and make you feel comfortable so you can trust me and fully enjoy with your submission.I will always respect limits, just as I expect my sub to communicate with me what said limits are and appropriate safe words or actions.I also believe it is wise to have a steady idea of what is going on in one another's life.A submissive who can show interests in my hobbies is a must, it's a side of intimacy I think gets overlooked in the BDSM community.My kinks include but are not limited to: Spanking, choking, collars, bondage (light and heavy), breast play, public play, degradation, humiliation, gags, breeding, and roleplay.

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