Colorado shooter online dating

In the wake of the horrific mass shooting in Denver Colorado during the airing of Batman: Dark Knight Rises movie, it has now been revealed mass-murder suspect James Holmes had an online dating profile on

The site, an adults-only website targeted towards one night stands and swingers, has reportedly verified the authenticity of the profile according to gossip website,

However, "by this spring, Holmes had begun to struggle with poor test scores," say Leonnig and Achenbach.

"He eventually decided to quit school," and was in the process of withdrawing from the graduate program at the time of the shooting. He registered with online dating sites Holmes frequented online dating sites, including, where his profile states he "'definitely' wants kids, drinks 'socially' but never smokes, and considers his politics to be 'middle of the road,'" says Beth Defalco at .

On Monday, James Holmes, the lead suspect in the Colorado shooting that killed 12 people, made his first public appearance in court, where the presiding judge gave prosecutors a week to formally charge him.

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Holmes’s mental state and condition in the months before the shooting. She said she first met him at a student orientation and invited him to a study session at the prodding of a mutual friend.He was awkward and introverted, and mused unsettlingly about evil and justice. The two, graduate science students at the University of Colorado, had broken up by the spring of 2012, but they occasionally chatted online.She said she never had any inkling that her former boyfriend, James E.Holmes, was amassing an arsenal of guns, ammunition and body armor that he would use to kill 12 people and wound 70 inside a Colorado movie theater.“I had no idea,” his former girlfriend, Gargi Datta, testified in a Colorado courtroom Thursday.Her testimony opened a small window into the private life of the man who prosecutors say carried out the rampage to improve his sense of self-worth after his academic career foundered and his only romantic relationship fell apart. Holmes was in the grip of psychosis and was legally insane on the night of the shooting. Datta’s testimony, which began late Wednesday afternoon, was the first time she had spoken publicly about her brief relationship with a man who had struck her as nice and intelligent, witty in his writing, but closed-off and socially awkward in person.

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