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I had a lucrative career for 25 years before becoming disabled. Only in the US can a person be penalized for paying in to the system all their lives. I can be compassionate because I understand their pain. I also volunteer at two food pantrys and teach sunday school.If I never worked a day in my life I would get full benefits, free housing, foodstamps, medicaid, free medical and prescriptions, free fuel assistance, 75 percent off my electric bill. But no I worked hard and now I am poorer then the poor. My faith in God keeps me strong long after I want to quit. The men that are interested in me today as a disabled woman are not all that!I’d like to hear more about how you’re using it on a regular basis for yourself, and how it works for you. I just discovered it today and look forward to reading more.Putting aside how much I enjoyed this post, I have to ask for details on the “post-apocalyptic size ice pack.” How big is it?

It is almost like they figured I was lucky to have a boyfriend and that they could walk all over me.I’m imagining a full body (or maybe just torso) sized ice pack. I’d love an ice pack that would reach from (at minimum) the base of my neck to the small of my back and that I could ice my arms from fingertips to shoulders, all at the same time.And gosh, if it would reach from head to toe (I’m about 5’8″) that would be even better because then I wouldn’t have to choose between my upper and lower halves.Many antioxidants have immune system effects, and many substances that are antiinflamatory have a paradoxical reactions where they increase inflammation when an injury is present. Its sad when you get to the Mayo clinic level if a surgeon screws your life over other surgeons don’t have the ‘star power’ to testify or are in a small group of elite friends across hospitals.I went into this surgery with a wonderful girlfriend and many dreams.

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