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Unless you live in a very rural area you're likely to get a strong signal with Metro by T-Mobile.

When switching to an MVNO you have three different phone options.

All LTE networks in the US are built on GSM technology.

This means that the newer Verizon and Sprint LTE enabled handsets have a SIM card included, and may work on all GSM networks.

Verizon and Sprint use CDMA technology on their network, and AT&T and T-Mobile’s network use GSM technology.All you need to do is have the phone unlocked, take out the old card, and swap it with the new card from your new network.Now you can keep your device and enjoy your new network. The recent launch of LTE networks by all operators has made things a little easier.Save even more money by purchasing a refurbished Metro by T-Mobile phone to go with your new low-cost plan.You love the phone you got from Verizon or Sprint, but you need to change your network.

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