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It was not until late 19th or early 20th century that the group — who would become the dwellers of Batavia, referred to themselves as "Betawi", which refers to a creole Malay-speaking ethnic group which has a mixed culture of different influences; Malay, Sundanese to Arabic and Chinese.The Betawi language—also known as Betawi Malay, is a Malay-based creole language.Originally, circa 17th to 18th century, the dwellers of Batavia were identified according to their ethnics of origin; either Sundanese, Javanese, Malay, Ambonese, Bugis-Makassar, or Arabs and Chinese.This was shown in the Batavia census record that listed the immigrant's ethnic background of Batavian citizens.It was a choreographed mock fighting between groom's entourage with bride's jagoan kampung (local champion).

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Prior to the 19th century, the self-identity of Betawi people was not yet formed.

During a Betawi wedding ceremony, there is a palang pintu (lit.

door's bar) tradition of silat Betawi demonstration.

Today the Betawi language is a popular informal language in Indonesia and used as the base of Indonesian slang.

It has become one of the most widely-spoken languages in Indonesia, and also one of the most active local dialects in the country.

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