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He ended his second tour on 1 August 1942, returning to the UK and receiving a DFC in October. ****** For meritorious service with HQ 91 Group RAF, as a Sqn Ldr. He has led his section throughout with skill and courage, and has set an example to other members of the squadron. With other pilots he attacked an enemy reconnaissance of nine machines.

He served as an instructor at 51 OTU until July 1944, when he joined 25 Squadron to become a night fighter. Margo Matheson remarried (1947) Peter Bryan Cheetham Legg (1911-1983). ******* For meritorious service with 24 OTU RAF (Wellington). ** Acting Squadron Leader Richard Maxwell Milne, D. Under heavy machine-gun fire he got within twenty yards of one of them, shot the Observer and brought the machine down in our lines.

He has at all times displayed efficiency and qualities of leadership which have proved of great value. All four crew members were missing, presumed killed.][his Fairey Battle 1 [P2251 RH-D] took off 09.45 hrs from Mourmelon for an operation against Bouillon; the aircraft was shot down by Flak, crashed between Vaux-sur-Sre (Belgium) and Bercheux (Luxembourg) and, being wounded, he was captured] [producer, director and actor in many of the camp theatre productions at Dulag Luft and Stalag Luft III together with Rupert Davies (of Maigret TV fame) Peter Butterworth (‘Carry On’ film actor) and John Casson (son of Lewis Casson and Dame Sybil Thorndike)] * This officer has commanded his squadron with outstanding success over an intensive period of air operations and, by his brilliant leadership, skill and determination has contributed largely to the successes obtained.

He has destroyed two and damaged a further three of the enemy's aircraft. ).1935, Uxbridge district, Middlesex) Eleanor Irene Williamson ( - 09.1995).[His Beaufort I N1159 AW- took off from Wick at hrs for a shipping strike operation. Since early in August, 1940, the squadron has destroyed at least 84 enemy aircraft and damaged many more.

4 Squadron RAF (Odiham, then from Mons-en-Chaussee, then Douai, then Lille Ronchin, then Aspelaer (Belgium), then Clairmarais (St Omer), then from Ringway, then from York) Only son of Maj. Throughout these flights he has displayed great determination and a complete disregard of enemy opposition.

Thomas Henry Maurice Mallet, and Florence Mallet, of Coleraine, Ulster. Luke s Church, Torquay, Newton Abbot district, Devon) Pamela Brown, elder daughter of Mr & Mrs Colin Mc Nab Heys Brown, of Scotsbrae, Torquay; one son. Residence: (1942) Paisley, Renfrewshire.[taken off at 20.24 hrs at Chipping Warden for an operation against Essen with a Wellington III bomber [BJ650]; it was intercepted by a night-fighter and sent down to crash in a swimming pool at Veldhoven, six kilometres SW of Eindhoven] * In May, 1944, this officer was detailed to reconnoitre a heavily defended target in Northern France. He has attacked many objectives in enemy and enemy occupied territory with marked success.

Son (with three sisters and one brother) of Ewan Alan Mac Dougall (1874-1916), and Maude Kate Harriett Greenin (1875-1951).

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His magnificent leadership, skill and courage have been largely responsible for the many successes obtained by his squadron. In the 1937 Air Force List he is shown as an Equipment Staff Officer at Fighter Command HQ Stanmore, Middlesex. ** This officer has completed numerous operational missions.Recently the wing has scored heavily against the enemy with 42 hostile aircraft destroyed, a further 15 probably destroyed and 11 damaged. Wing Commander Mc Connell has completed three tours of operational duty and has proved himself an excellent officer and commander, both on the ground and in the air. While flying over Gent (Belgium) an engine caught fire, and Meigh sent a message saying he was making for Abbeville (France), but this was quickly followed by a second signal indicating the crew were bailing out.*** During May, 1940, this officer has led his flight, and on certain occasions his squadron, on ten offensive patrols in Northern France. Captured]* Wing Commander Miller has been employed as the Chief Instructor at this unit [24 OTU RAF (Wellington)] for nearly a year.He has personally shot down two enemy aircraft and possibly three others. Promoted Wing Commander (Technical) (E) 14 January, 1944 and in 1946 Air Force List shown as Group Captain O. During this time the Training Wing has been completely re-organised and has changed its record within [93] Group from being the Station which had sustained the greatest number of flying accidents per hour flown, to the Station with the fewest number of accidents per hour flown.Flight Lieutenant Malan has displayed great skill, courage and relentless determination in his attacks on the enemy. For the first three months of the year no less than 6,800 hours per accident were flown which was in itself a very notable achievement.

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