Britney spears online dating profile

With pictures like this one, it’s easy to see how Britney Spears has managed to gain over 16 million followers on the popular social media site, Instagram.

This classy black and white shot show the blonde beauty modeling a dress that looks fit for royalty.

In fact, there were even rumors circulating in the early 2000s that Spears was romantically involved with none other than New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady.

While the exact nature of their relationship is unknown, if Brady saw the 15 photos below, he would probably hope they had been more than just friends.

The native of Mc Comb, Mississippi is a pop icon in every sense of the word.

Lynne Spears has written two books with Britney, A Mother’s Gift and Through the Storm: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World.

She also joined her daughter for two years when she traveled with the Mickey Mouse Club.

While she was baptized as a child, she would later study Kabbalist (a form of Judaism) teachings.

As a young girl, she sang as a member of her church choir.

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