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However, success had not mellowed the famously combustible rapper - and if anything, he was angrier than ever, taking pot-shots at everything and anyone, including the nature of fame itself.

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The Ken Kaniff skit saw the character - a gay rapist - receive fellatio from the two ICP members.

So, 16 years on from the record’s release, who ended up winning out of the all the people he started lyrical beefs with? Song: ’Kill You’/’Marshall Mathers’Then: 45 year-old mother of an angry Marshall Mathers, estranged from her son.

Reason for diss: It’s safe to say that Eminem and his mother had a ‘difficult’ relationship.

, which had seen him become a huge - and controversial - international star.

It sold staggering numbers - more than 1.76m copies in the US in the first week alone - with the album holding the title of fastest-selling studio album by a solo artist in US chart history all the way up until very recently, when Adele’s 25 took the crown.

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