Britney dating hilton paris spear

She made headlines with the steamy music video and when she performed the song at the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards with a live python on her shoulders.

The album Although "I'm a Slave 4 U" met some resistance at mainstream pop radio only peaking at #15, it made major inroads with dance audiences climbing all the way to #4.

After the phenomenal success of her first album, millions of Britney Spears' fans wondered what she would do for an encore. The spoken word allusions to the near the end of the song cap a triumphant second act for Britney Spears.

She referenced the lyrics of her breakthrough hit "...Written and co-produced by pop mastermind Max Martin, the song is full of hooks and a big mainstream pop sound.The accompanying schoolgirl video caused a sensation, and, when the single hit #1, Britney was assured of stardom.She co-wrote the ballad that amounts to a plea for forgiveness.She received acclaim for her vocals and the maturity of the sound.

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