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Perhaps struggling to come to terms with strange feelings towards other women ?Or wondering how to 'fit' their bisexuality into their day to day lives ?One thing's for sure, you'll certainly make some friends along the way !Our goal is to provide a non-threatening, safe and sleaze-free support and advice forum for bi and bicurious women exploring their bisexual desires.

Most of us though have connected with and made a great many friends with all the support and help that goes with it.

However, the reality is that bisexual dating can be difficult for the bisexual person and his or her partner.

The important first steps toward successful bisexual dating are to learn about yourself and understand the needs of your partner.

If you are, then work on a solution to keep the two of you together but provide for the needs of your partner as well.

If you are currently single, now is a good time to think about trying to start a relationship with another bisexual person.

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