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Notice that in the twelve-year span between 19, the percentages dropped about 0.4% per year.

Then in the two-year span between 20, they rate of decrease doubled to about 0.8% a year.

When you’re talking to your teenager about creating boundaries – and this goes for friendships, too – it helps to think of them in three categories: Healthy boundaries are based on respect. This may cause some static at home – you can imagine the tantrums, but you can handle that.

While we don’t advise you to advise your teen to break up with someone if they say “I love you and you’re my soulmate” after just two weeks, we do advise you to tell you them that going that fast can backfire.

Back to the cute note: parents generally don’t get freaked out at that point, because we know it’s got no teeth – at least we hope so.

By that we mean that most kids at that age don’t even know what they mean by the question actually entails.

We’ll use information from Ten to Twenty Parenting as a guide once more.

Not just because they’re marketing tag line is funny “Ten to Twenty – It’s an Age, Not a Sentence” but because they’re spot-on..

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