Bar refaeli dating

On the contrary, we know that Bar Refaeli is still into her modeling thing and busy with her own schedule.

But the question is, what is Arik Weinsten doing these days? Arik Weinstein is working as an Air craft mechanic at present.

The two ex-couples met each other through their family. Refaeli married Arik to avoid the mandatory two years of service in the Israel Defense Forces.

She remained in a marital relationship with Arik for two years.

He is not in any relationship or dating anyone in 2018.

Neither he was married or was in any relationship before marrying Bar. He is living with his two kids, a son named Etay Weinstein, and a daughter Dana Weinstein Zdroyevski.

Arik is mostly popular for being the husband of one of the top models in the whole world, Bar Refaeli.

There is no any information regarding the relationship status of Arik after splitting up with Refaeli.

During the year 1998 to 2000, he worked as a contract mechanic for ‘A&P Mech Ats’.

In February of 2012, he started serving as an air craft mechanic for the international company known as ‘Bombardier’.

After crossing the age of 18, it’s a compulsion in Israel that they need to join the army.

So, to make sure that she didn’t have to join the army force, Refaeli married Arik Weinstein.

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