Ashley jones dating

The noise attracted Jones’s 10-year-old sister, Mary Elizabeth Jones, to the kitchen.From there, should see her grandfather on the den floor, ablaze.On the evening of August 30, 1999, Jones kept an eye on her relatives until they had settled in for the evening. He arrived around p.m., and Jones led him into the house.He was carrying the .38 revolver taken from Jones’s grandfather.

Jones intervened: “No, let me do it.” She stabbed her sister 14 times and stopped only after Mary curled up in a ball on the floor and pretended to be dead.The Nalls did not approve of Jones’s boyfriend, Geramie Hart, and told him not to visit their house. Jones and Hart decided to kill everyone in the house, set it on fire, and take their money.To prepare, Jones stole two of her grandfather’s guns and smuggled them out of the house to Hart.She mixed together rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover, and charcoal fire starter in anticipation of setting the house ablaze.It took the couple two days to put their plan into action.

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