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This is in contrast to the Zoroastrian calendar where the first month Furvurdeen begins on Koyak 6 because its epagum (Gatha days) begin on Egyptian Koyak 1 as of 388 BC. Vahagn (Zoroastrian Vahrām from Avestan Verethragna, name of the 20th day), 28. The first month Navasard is equivalent to the month Choiak (Koyak), however its first day falls on Koyak 4 so that the first of the five epagum days falls on Egyptian Hatyr 27.

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In the numbering scheme of this solar calendar, the year 1 reckons out to 5818-5817 BCE.

Kordi (a district of Ancient Armenia considered the homeland of the Kurds), 23. Two cycles of 1460 years goes back to August 11, 2369 BC.

The month Tir is equal to Egyptian Phamenoth (7th month) as Egyptian midyear; but it is of biblical interest that Armenian midyear (Mareri /Deh) is Egyptian new year month Thoth as if to imply it was at one time the 7th month, in regard of the computation of the Jubilee, and the biblical explanation of how to begin the novel age following the entering into the promised land.

The Armenian calendar is a derivative of Zoroastrian changes to Egyptian dates.

The five epagomenal days are called Aveleacʿ "superfluous".

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