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Amazing launches, incredibly tightly held and presenting Apple in the best possible way. Still all foot-stomping pissed off because you did not get any PR love from her?

Whether I agreed with her or not over the years, I always respected that Cotton was a person who did it her way.

And, judging from Apple’s success, there is no way you can separate her work from contributing in a significant way over the years.

That some say the products have shined in spite of her is a canard.

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These and other less heated times sometimes resulted in less than copacetic encounters with some in the press, especially those who did not get the kind of access they wanted from a iconic company that has been at the center of a lot of the digital landscape over the past two decades.

names both Anderson and Heinen, four members of the Board of Directors, Campbell, Drexler, Levinson, and York, as well as the iconic CEO of Apple, Steven P. "Here, Jobs and the Individual Defendants clearly appreciated the fraudulent nature of their conduct." Further, Jobs is accused of making millions in "instant paper profit," "paper" being the operative word as the backdated options were canceled.

Nonetheless, the plaintiffs are asserting the actions by executives of Apple cost them big time, and that may be the problem.

Today, Katie Cotton, perhaps the most powerful communications exec in tech, is retiring from Apple after 18 years.

As Code/red columnist John Paczkowski noted in reporting the departure earlier this month, the VP of worldwide corporate communications at Apple “helped steward the announcement of some of tech’s most transformative products” and “played a key role in shaping the mystique and exclusivity surrounding the Apple brand.” This is true, largely under company co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs and, after he died two years ago, with current CEO Tim Cook; she was in control of how the tech giant rolled out everything from the i Mac to the i Pad.

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