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Amanda Bynes Nose Job However, that little button nose that he used to be so adorable is no longer – the victim of repeated nose jobs (three or four of them that were botched), and the entire profile and structure of her face has changed forever.

Amanda has gone on record as going through at least four different nose jobs, and also said that she’s tried to fix the webbing between her eyes – and that she may be addicted to plastic surgery and reportedly “loves playing around” with her look!

As Bynes has already won millions of heart through her incredible acting skills, people have been quite excited and interested in personal life including her current dating relationship and net worth.To think that one of the most beautiful women on the planet (before or after much of her plastic surgery) could feel this way about themselves is telling about the pressure and stress that Hollywood actresses – especially the young and beautiful ones – face on a daily basis.Amanda Bynes Boob Job and Facelift There are also reports out there that she has had plastic surgery to augment her breasts, collagen injections to plump up her lips, and a number of other minor touches, nips, and tucks here and there to pull different areas of her body in tighter – though there aren’t any reports (or any evidence whatsoever) that she has gone through a liposuction procedure.Just a month after breaking up with Muniz, Bynes started dating American actor Nick Zano.The duo has worked together in “What I Like About You” in 2002 together. Bynes once enjoyed a five months long relationship with American actor Chris Carmack from May 2005 to October 2005.

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