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Very hot scene, though the actor said said all the preparation 8x a week made him tired.

Everyone was naked on stage for pretty much the entire play. It actually was a fun evening romp - but only because it delivered everything that we all came there to see. Then they did a production in LA starring a then unknown Woody Harrelson. I well remember seeing young hunky Brad Whitford in that Shepard play off-Broadway in the mid-1980s but what I also remember was that he carried a lamb onstage when he was nude and the lamb just barely covered his privates. His hairy ginger young body and the lamb's white wool coalescing....... Maybe he held the lamb in a different spot on different nights depending on his mood and the size of his meat that night. As a child of the 80s and early 90s I remember finding 30 and 40-something James Naughton so damn sexy in minor film and tv roles like the ex-husband on Who's the Boss or Drew Barrymore's sexy, boxers-wearing dad in Stephen King's Cat's Eye..Maisel." Saw him in a play called years ago called "Rules of the Universe." I knew the director Daniel Talbott, so I went.I have a pretty good memory of it because the entire play took place site specifically in a men's toilet, which was memorable enough, but he also had quite a memorable member.Few years ago Logan Marshall Green was in an off broadway play that took place behind glass. And, by the way, for a man of any age, much less one in his mid-sixties, Jamie still looks amazing in the buff! Maybe not very legitimate but they are excellent exploiters of actors! I see there are warnings about nudity, but haven’t seen anything about who it is.At one point he was naked and was struggling with other characters and they pressed him up against the glass, right in front of me. Someone in Terrence Mc Nally's The Lisbon Traviata walked on stage naked, but I can't remember who it was. (The performance I saw was also attended by Leonard Bernstein -- in what looked like a full-length sable fur coat -- and a boy toy in very tight leather pants.)This reminds me that Terrence Mc Nally had dick display in a lot of his plays: FRANKIE & JOHNNY, THE LISBON TRAVIATA, LOVE! If Jay Armstrong Johnson is showing peen it might be worth the price of admission - even though I’ve seen his pics and video already. The 2 "great ladys " in Indiscretions were Kathleen Turner and Eileen Atkins.

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