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The invention is implemented by software that is stored at the computer of the user interface, or at a website accessed through the Internet. Kyle Machulis, possibly the world’s foremost expert on teledildonics, noted that while the patent’s expiration is undoubtedly a good thing, it may not necessarily usher in a new era of digitally-induced sexyfuntimes."Stifling innovation means many people don't want to put in the work because they can't turn their idea into money," he wrote Thursday on his own website, Metafetish.The first and second user interfaces may be connected, for instance, through a Web site on the Internet.In another embodiment, a person at a user interface may interact with a prerecorded video feed.

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In accordance with the preferred embodiment, a person at a first user interface controls the stimulation device(s) located at a second user interface.“The victim had accepted an invite on Facebook and after a brief chat, he exchanged his Whats App number with the female.“During a conversation, he informed her of his residential area, family business and personal details.“Within a few days they exchanged nude pictures and the woman began demanding money and threatening to expose the nude pictures on social media.” The man apparently forked out R35000 in cash.The suspect is an Indian female, believed to be a Tongaat resident, Balram added.

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